October 7, 2012

Peephole Transformation: Yarn Wrapped Frames

I live in what my fellow New Yorkers refer to as a "pre-war" building, which means my apartment was built over 70 years ago. Such old construction means I can enjoy some really great features in my apartment. However, it also means that there are a couple of places that are a little dull... the peephole on my front door being one of them!

So, with the TV show Friends as my inspiration (remember how Monica decorated the peephole on her front door?)...

I picked up a couple of cheap-o picture frames from the Dollar Store and got to work.

Using the color scheme from my entryway rug, I started decorating the empty frames (I recycled glass and used the cardboard backing in another project). Since the bigger of my two frames was made of wood, I painted it two different colors using acrylic paint and set it aside. But the pink frame was plastic, so I got to work wrapping it with yarn!

Wrapping the frame didn't take too long at all! I just dabbed a bit of hot glue onto the back of the frame to anchor my yarn, and then I wrapped it tightly around the frame... over and over... and over!

To keep things interesting, I chose to use a few different colors/kinds of yarn I had in my fiber stash... it was a great way to use up some pesky remnants from old projects!


Now, since I was planning to hang these frames on a moving surface I decided to affix them to my door using Command Strips. If you haven't used them before, the strips are really easy to use and come in handy for all sorts of projects!

After a few seconds with my level (to make sure the frames weren't too wonky), I was finished.

All in all, I think this little project was pretty fun - especially given the fact that I only spent about $2 dollars in all - everything else came from my stash of supplies!

And because I LOVE before and afters, I wanted to make my very first one! Here's the before shot (a.k.a. boring, ol' peephole)...

And here's how it all turned out (a.k.a. snazzy, ol' peephole)! Do you have a spot in your house/apartment that's a little dull? I realize decorating a peephole isn't necessarily "normal;" have you decorated an abnormal place/thing before?

Peephole Transformation: Yarn Wrapped Frames SUPPLY LIST
2 frames from the dollar store (one frame slightly bigger than the other)
Acrylic paint (I used Americana brand)
Foam brush
Yarn remnants (the blue and white are Red Heart while the green is Lion Brand)
Hot glue
Command Strips

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