October 10, 2012

Crocheted Rag Bowl

I've wanted to try crocheting with rags for a long time. So when a pair of pajama pants started to disintegrate the other day, I took it as a sign. Admittedly, the pants had served their function: I originally bought them on sale when I was in college (which was eons ago), so when they started to fall apart I didn't mind turning them into rags.

The first part of this project? I had to turn my pajama pants into rag-yarn.

1. I started with the large pieces of my pajama pants that remained after I removed the drawstring and hems.
2. After snipping the end of the fabric at one inch intervals, I ripped the fabric into strips.
3. Then, using a technique I learned about on the Internet, I folded the end of the strip and cut a small slit.

4. After making the small cut in the strip, I unfolded the end to reveal a little hole.
5. And then I did the exact same thing to the other end of the strip so BOTH ends had little holes.
6. Then I took two strips, and fed the end of one through the other...
7. Before taking the end of the yarn and feeding it through the hole in the opposite end.

Confused yet? I was too at first. But there are lots of videos on youtube that show you how to make this rag-yarn if you want to check that out!

But after lots of ripping, snipping, and joining together, I had a fairly good-sized ball of rag-yarn... so I got to work!

I started by crocheting a circle (again, I learned how to do that thanks to the great youtube videos that are available). Once the flat circle was the width I wanted my bowl to be, I stopped increasing the stitches so the sides of the bowl started to work their way up. And after no time at all, my bowl was finished.

Not too bad, right?

Of course, as soon as I was finished, I ran to my kitchen and filled my newly created bowl full of fruit. 

I really like the finished look of the torn/ripped fabric- all of the little strings and imperfections give the bowl a rustic look. Plus, I used a small-ish crochet hook (size N) so my stitches were really tight.

In case you're wondering, this entire bowl was made using the single stitch -  boring, and yet effective! And since the bowl is 100% cotton, it is also very absorbent. So when I bring home fruit/veggies, I can wash them and throw them into this fabric bowl where they can dry... handy, right?

So there you have it- my first foray into crocheting with rags... and I loved it! Now every time I open my closet, I want to rip up my old clothes to make rugs and baskets! 

What about you? Have you crocheted using rags or fabric before? Any tips for my next project?


  1. this is creative!....you have some really nice crafts here....glad i checked out your blog!

  2. This is absolutely wonderful! i actually pinned some knitted baskets to try just a day or two ago, so this comes at a perfect time. =) love how this turned out! now i just have to teach myself to crochet, + i can make one for myself!