October 30, 2012

Creepy Window Painting: Happy Halloween!

I don't get into Halloween as much as some folks, and I was feeling a little guilty that I didn't have a single bit of festive decor to represent today's holiday... so I quickly whipped up a little Creepy Window Painting.

Window painting is a simple, inexpensive way for me to add a bit of holiday festivity to my casa. And one of my favorite places to paint is on the window on the bathroom door: it's an old door/window, and the glass is faceted with makes paintings blurry and cool! Here's a brefore shot of my plain, ol' door.

1. For my creepy project, I started with some acrylic paint, painter's tape, old paint brushes, a print out of my creepy saying, and...
2. DISH WASHING SOAP! I know, it may sound strange, but hear me out...
3. By mixing a bit of soap with my paint, it makes clean-up on my window way easier when the holiday is over! (FYI: I initially planned to use a couple of paint colors, but after I got started I decided to use plain old black paint.)

As I mentioned, the glass in my door is faceted, which means one side is smooth and one side is not. For painting purposes, I like to paint on the smooth side (obviously). Plus, since I wanted my creepy painting to  read correctly in the hallway and not in the bathroom, I taped my printed saying to the front of the glass and painted on the backside. That's kind of confusing to write, so I hope the picture is helpful! Also, I used a bunch of painters tape around the window frame since my door is white and I was painting with black paint... but I'm cautious like that!

And to make things extra creepy, I gooped (that's a word, right?) lots of paint on my letters so they would drip and add to the sentiment.

And there you have it - a Creepy Window Painting just in time for Halloween!

Acrylic paint
Paint brushes (preferably old or not too nice/expensive)
Dish washing soap
Painters tape
Print-out of Halloween saying


  1. Is there a way to subscribe to your blog via email? =]

  2. That’s so spooky! I bet the one who’ll be using that bathroom might have second thoughts in going in. The drip paint from the letters is awesome! Anyway, that window on your door is perfect. The opacity of the glass is just ideal for the bathroom.
    - Sandra Ludwig