December 12, 2012

Potato Print Wrapping Paper

When you were a kid, did you ever make potato-print pictures? Well, here's a way to use those childhood skills to make Potato Print Wrapping Paper.

1. Like most of my projects, you only need a few supplies: paint, kraft paper, and a potato.
2. To make the potato stamps, I cut up my potato into a simple shape using a paring knife. I wanted my paper to have a graphic element, so I cut the potato into two triangles.
3. Then I taped down my piece of kraft paper (so it wouldn't curl up around the edges)...
4. And started stamping.

And in not time at all, I had covered my piece of kraft paper with painted shapes.

Of course, a little piece of paper wasn't going cover all of my holiday gifts, so I rolled out some more paper and just kept stamping.

And after the paint had dried, I used the paper to wrap some presents and finished the look with a bit of twine. Simple, right?

I love the rustic nature of the project, and it is incredible versatile since you can cut/carve potatoes into whatever shape you want!

Kraft paper
Painter's tape (to keep the paper from curling when you stamp it)

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