December 14, 2012

Felt Mitten Hanging

Inspired by the many amazing mitten garlands I've seen popping up on the web this holiday season, I was inspired to put my spin on the idea! I've mentioned this before, but my grandmother recently moved into a new home and I've done my best to send her seasonal decorations whenever possible. With that in mind, I created this Felt Mitten Hanging for her new digs.

1. I started with some felt that was seasonally appropriate, but also coordinated with her existed decor. Then I sketched a mitten shape on a piece of paper, which I used as a template.
2. I cut out my paper template pieces, and pinned them onto the felt. Once everything was pinned, I cut out the shapes I needed.
3. Since I sometimes have a hard time keeping track of "artistic plans" when I'm in the middle of a project, I sometimes sketch the plan on a piece of scrap paper... and this project was no different!
4. After a bit of cutting, I had all the pieces I needed for my hanging.

5. So it was time to assemble! I'm a HUGE fan of Tacky Glue, and it was a perfect tool for this project! I just squeezed a bit of glue where I planned to attach the mitten pieces, spread it around with my fingertip, and assemble the mitten pieces.
6. Since I'm not sure how my grandmother will use this hanging, I wanted to make sure that the mittens didn't just hang limply wherever she ends up putting it... so I used the most unfortunately names Mod Podge product: Stiffy.
7. Stiffy is a liquid that you can paint on fabric/fiber surfaces that dries and provides extra stiffness in your project. I chose to brush a liberal amount onto the backs of the mittens to ensure that the mittens would hang nicely (and not bend/wrinkle, etc.).
8. Once the mittens had dried completely (both the glue and the stiffy), It was time to assemble them. To do so, I ran a line of glue along the back of the mitten, laid a long piece of yarn into the glue, and covered it up with a scrap of coordinating felt.

And once everything had dried, my hanging was complete.

I think this seasonal little project turned out well, and I think it will add a nice touch to my grandmother's new place!!

Glue (I used Tacky Glue)
Stiffy (optional)

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