February 6, 2013

Valentine's Day Ombre Pencils

It happened. I jumped onto the "ombre train!" 

You see, I was trying to come up with a simple (aka cost-effective), homemade Valentine's Day treat for my co-workers. I remembered that I had a box of pencils I had picked up from the dollar-store, so I decorated them with some supplies I had in my craft stash to make these Valentine's Day Ombre Pencils.

1. The main reason this project was so cost-effective was because I already owned everything I needed to make these pencils: mod podge, glitter, pencils, acrylic paint, and a foam brush.
2. I started by setting out my paints: white, two shades of pink, and red.
3. I painted the pencils white to begin with, sort of like a blank canvas.
4. Once the base coat was dry, it was time to begin the ombre painting. Starting with the lightest shade of pink, I started painting sections of the pencil, ending with the darkest shade (red) near the eraser. I blended the different sections of color together with the wet paint brush.

And in no time, my pencils were painted.

Once the paint had dried, I painted a thin coat of mod podge on each pencil as a top coat.

5. But I wasn't done quite yet! When the mod podge had dried, it was time for the glitter! I squeezed some tacky glue on the metal portion of the pencils- you know, the thing that holds the eraser on the pencil!
6. Then I sprinkled glitter all over the glue and let the pencils dry overnight.

And that's all it took to create these Valentine's Day Ombre Pencils. Simple and cute, right?

Foam paint brush
Acrylic paint
Mod podge
Tacky Glue

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  1. Those really are very cute. And who doesn't like a cute pencil???