January 23, 2013

Glitter and Wire Decoration (LOVE)

With Valentine's day on the horizon, I had the urge to make a simple decoration for the romantic holiday! As you may have noticed, I prefer to make projects using materials I have in my craft stash, and this Glitter and Wire Decoration (LOVE) is no exception!

1. This simple project requires just three supplies: silver floral wire, glue (my preference is Tacky) and red glitter (I like the chunky stuff they sell in the kids aisle of the craft store for this project).
2. Using my fingers and a pair of needle nosed pliers (these are truly optional), I bent the wire to spell the word "LOVE." I didn't use a template for this part of the project, rather just my imagination (I pretended I was writing the word, and just bent/finagled the wire as necessary). 
3. Once the wire was manipulated to my liking, I squeezed glue along the bottom half of the word. I then used my finger (again, cheap and easy folks!) to smear the glue in the crevices. I didn't want my decoration to be overly gaudy, so I was judicious with the glue.
4. Once I was satisfied that there was enough glue on the wire, it was time for the best part: GLITTER! I sprinkled glitter on the glue area, making sure not to leave a bald spot!

And after everything dried for a few minutes, my decoration was complete.

I decided to use from translucent thread to hang my word (I just tied the thread to the loop on the 'L' and the loop on the 'E')...

But it looks just as good resting against a jar of flowers! This is such a simple project, my mind is brimming with the possibilities of what else can be done with wire and glitter!

Silver floral wire
Needle nosed pliers (optional)
Translucent thread (optional)

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